Selecting Quality Music, Part 2

Clinicians Richard Miles from Morehead State University, KY; Larry Blocher from Troy University, AL; and John Clinton, from University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond, OK, presented “Selecting Quality Music: All Music May Not be Created Equal” at MENC’s Music Education Week. Here are some highlights from their session to make you more informed about selecting quality music for teaching.

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FOCUS – the main idea at any point
ECONOMY – avoid the unnecessary, be able to justify everything
BALANCE – move the melody around the ensemble (interesting parts)
VARIETY – balanced the predictable with the unexpected; too much of either is boring

Finding quality music

  • Look at scores
  • Listen to recordings
  • Websites
  • Talk with colleagues and composers
  • Attend conferences
  • Attend reading sessions
  • Go to concerts
  • Look at concert programs
  • Attend festivals
  • Write something

Remember: There are great pieces of music at all levels of difficulty.

— Nicole Springer. August 18, 2010. © National Association for Music Education.