Senate ESEA Amendment Tracker (Committee)


Updated (4/16): ESEA/NCLB clears Senate HELP Committee markup unanimously to a 22-0 vote; 57 amendments were considered, with 29 amendments adopted.

The Senate HELP Committee’s markup of the “Every Child Achieves Act of 2015” is now underway. Markup amendment votes have started as of last night (4/14), and deliberations will likely continue through the rest of today, at a minimum. Nearly 90 amendments have been filed, for consideration. Below, we have highlighted some of the most interesting and relevant to our cause:

  • ALEXANDER, (R-TN): Amendment would permit states to provide grants to local school districts allowing Title I funds for low-income students “to follow the students” to the public schools which they attend (multiple such amendments have been filed by various senators). (Not Offered, 4/15)
  • BENNET (D-CO): Amendment would require students to spend an average of less than 3 percent of instructional time on assessments.(Not Offered, 4/15) 
  • BENNET (D-CO): Amendment would require states to report their lowest-performing 5 percent of schools. (Withdrawn, 4/14)
  • BENNET (D-CO): Amendment would require the U.S. Secretary of Education to engage in outreach to rural school districts in order to reinforce the opportunity for them to apply for competitive grants. (Passed, 4/15)
  • CASEY (D-PA): Amendment would define the term “profession-ready” for a teacher and principal (a “profession-ready” teacher is one that would have completed a teacher-prep program, is certified and licensed by the state, has demonstrated content knowledge in their chosen subject, and has demonstrated teaching skills, such as through a teacher-performance assessment or residency). (Withdrawn, 4/14)
  • CASEY (D-PA): Amendment would permit states to partner with organizations in order to increase the number of students receiving a well-rounded education. Funding would be used for high-quality instruction in various subjects, including arts, civics, economics, environmental studies, financial literacy, foreign languages, etc. (Rejected 10-11, 4/15)
  • MIKULSKI (D-MD): Amendment (with Republican support) which would reinstate 21st Century Learning Communities into Title IV. (Passed, 4/15)
  • MURRAY (D-WA): Amendment would create a grant to allow states to better coordinate their early-education services.
  • PAUL (R-KY): Amendment would bolster existing language specifying that no state is required to adopt the Common Core State Standards. (Not Offered, 4/15)
  • WARREN (D-MA): Multiple amendments aimed at enhancing accountability for schools seeking a waiver to run a schoolwide Title I program. (Rejected 10-12, 4/14)
  • WHITEHOUSE (D-RI): Amendment would create a literacy and arts program in Title V that addresses charter schools. (Passed, 4/15)
    *Information obtained via Education Week reporting

We will be following the markup throughout the afternoon/evening, and as long as it goes (follow NAfME on Twitter for live updates). For those interested, a live feed is currently available here.

Ronny Lau, Special Assistant, Center for Advocacy and Constituency Engagement, 7 April 2015. © National Association for Music Education (