Senate Moves DeVos Nomination Forward

The confirmation of Betsy DeVos, nominee for Secretary of Education, cleared a major procedural hurdle today as the Senate voted to limit debate and move toward a final vote.  The vote to limit debate fell along party lines, 52-48.  The final vote on DeVos’s confirmation is expected to come this Monday. 

DeVos | tupungato

While the procedural votes to move DeVos’s nomination to final confirmation have been along party lines, two Republican Senators, Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) and Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AL), will oppose DeVos in the final confirmation vote to become the next Secretary of Education.  This currently puts the vote tally at 50-50 in the United States Senate with Vice President Pence needed to break the tie to confirm DeVos.  Republican leadership insists that their votes have been locked to ensure DeVos’s confirmation while Democrats continue to scramble to try and find one more Republican to deny her from becoming the next Secretary of Education.  As votes could potentially change, NAfME staff will provide updates of vote tallies.    

NAfME submitted questions to members of the Senate Help Committee to gain a better understanding of where Mrs. DeVos stands on music education.  With the strong support of NAfME members who called their Senators demanding answers to these questions, Mrs. DeVos did provide some insight on her views on music and the arts education.  Unfortunately, her answers did not adequately address the many issues surrounding music and a well-rounded education.  Regardless of the outcome of the DeVos vote, NAfME staff will continue to seek answers from the Trump Administration as we continue to advocate for the making of music by all.  

NAfME wants to thank its members for their undying efforts and answering the call to action during this nomination process.  We ask for your continued support and efforts to advance music education as we move forward in the new Trump Administration.    

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