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This originally appeared in the first edition of the Broader Minded Beat newsletter.

We love this story from a music teacher in Canton OH, who wrote to us via Broader Minded about the value of music:

Music is different than other areas of study in that it can be a team effort. I tended to be more of a leader by action and not by voice. Music organizations enabled me to utilize my leadership qualities and to grow. Music teaches self discipline. It is by no means easy, however there are rewards throughout the journey. It takes qualities such as motivation, dedication, commitment, courage, creativity, and most of all it’s a challenge we all have to work to overcome.

However, these qualities are directly carried into other areas of one’s life and will help them improve. I was in one of the top programs with all the opportunities one could ask for in music. It was then that I realized it’s not how good an ensemble is but just that the students are given the opportunity to be a part of an ensemble. Not only will they learn a life skill of playing an instrument, but they will be molded and shaped into better people because of this discipline they learn. I chose music to make a difference in the world.

If students are given the opportunity to learn music, things such as academic success, behavior, and motivation for example could improve. Music allows one to go on any journey or road they choose because it is an art that can change every life.

Please share your story about the intrinsic value of music in the classroom.