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Superintendent tells parents what matters most — and it’s not Common Core

Here’s a rather unusual back-to-school letter.

It was written by Superintendent Mark R. Cross to the parents of students attending Peru Elementary School District 124, which serves the community of Peru in north-central Illinois with three schools: Northview Elementary School (grades PreK – 1), Washington Elementary School (grades 2 – 4), and Parkside Middle School (grades 5 – 8). There are about 1,000 students in the district.


  • Minnienight

    I love this concept! GOOD JOB! I’ve been researching this common core teaching and it’s disturbing!

  • Joan Roy Hazard

    He has it right… testings mandated by politicians is nothing more than jockeying for votes for the next election. Like Mr. Cross calls it… political nonsense!

  • Ben Strange

    Emerson wrote that common sense would stun and astonish the world. Supt. Cross seems to be doing this.

  • MsMisty

    This man really gets it. He really gets the total picture. God bless him.

  • elizabethhanson

    Great job! I admire Mr. Cross! THANK YOU!

  • Ralf Trusty

    It’s great to have an administrator step up like this. It shows that he backs his administrators and teachers and puts the true value of education to the front. I assume that his school board backs him 100% in this. I hate to say this, but there are quite a number of administrators who have bought into all this testing (I’ll keep my theories why this is to myself) and are “forcing” teachers to focus all their attention to “passing” these tests. Ultimately, the question has to be asked: “What is the purpose of a school and its teachers….to produce certain test results or create life-long learners?” I pick the latter, because that’s what I strived for my 32 years in the classroom.