The Broader Minded Case for Tri-M

As the new school year approaches, we can look back at a very successful year advocating for the importance of music education.  From launching a new advocacy brand to Congressional briefings to our largest national advocacy day to date, we are advocating more strongly—and effectively—than ever to preserve essential music programs in our schools.

With our new advocacy movement, Broader Minded, we have turned our focus back towards our students; particularly, towards what truly matters in providing them with a world-class public education.  Through music, students have the opportunity to develop skills and attributes that reach far beyond what can be captured in standardized “bubble tests.”  Music education promotes such skills as confidence, empathy, critical thinking, collaboration, process orientation, and work ethic.  In addition to gaining a lifelong relationship with music, students come away with attributes that strengthen their path to success.   Broader Minded encourages advocates and decision-makers to “think beyond the bubbles” when it comes to determining school curricula and programming.

In so many ways, our Tri-M Honor Society students embody the message of Broader Minded. Through their engagement and service with Tri-M, students learn about contribution, teamwork, determination, collaboration, and leadership.  We at NAfME view these motivated young adults as the most powerful representatives for the value of music education.   As valuable as music is, Tri-M helps students take those benefits to the next level.  As you enter the school year, perhaps you’ve considered starting a Tri-M chapter of your own, or expanding your ranks.  If so, we applaud you and we are here to help! Find out more about Tri-M and how to get involved.