United States Army Field Band Educational Resources

We are fortunate to be geographically close to several top military bands, including the United States Army Field Band located at Fort Meade, Maryland.

Our friends at the U.S. Army Field Band are committed to music education, and provide valuable resources to NAfME, including master classes and mentor sessions to the students of the U.S. Army All-American Marching Band. The musicians of the U.S. Army Field Band are among the top of their profession, and come from careers in music education and performance.

Many great resources for schools and libraries are available upon request through their website, completely free of charge. Among them you will find reference recordings including The Legacy of Copland,  and an instructional video series.

The United States Army Field Band has produced a series of instructional videos for distribution to music educators nationwide. These videos cover a wide range of topics, including a brief history of each instrument and methods for improving tone, technique, intonation, and ensemble. Production plans include one additional video bi-annually.

For a complete list of free resources available upon request, please visit the United States Army Field Band on the web!

-Victoria Chamberlin, NAfME staff