Upgrade Your Boosters

The school year is well under way. You’re busy teaching music to your students. It’s easy to forget that decisions on next year’s school budgets are coming up.

If you have a booster group, get organized and stay active with them. The time to act is now so that when the school board meets they will see the value of your program.

Have the booster group publish and distribute a newsletter in the community to raise awareness of your program, or put leaflets in mailboxes explaining what your program does and how to contact the school board. Invite community members to attend board of education or town council meetings and make their presence felt when needed.

The point is that they boost your program through their involvement so you don’t lose sight of teaching. As NAfME member and 2010 December Band mentor Jason Freehand says, “The parent organization promotes advocacy naturally based on their involvement and investment in the program.”

NAfME Resources

Organizing Parent Booster Groups

NAfME’s How-To Advocacy Guides with flyers targeted to school boards.

Music Advocacy: Moving from Survival to Vision by John L. Benham

Chat with your colleagues about booster groups and advocacy on the band forum.

—Paul Fergus, originally posted January 20, 2011. © National Association for Music Education