Use Your Spring Concert to Share NAfME’s Broader Minded Message About Music Education and the Whole Student


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A concert would be a great time to share information about your school music program and about NAfME’s Broader Minded movement.


Many music teachers use their school concerts to reconnect with parents and community members and share information about their music programs. This year the National Association for Music Education (NAfME) urges you add a new viewpoint to that message.

NAfME’s “Broader Minded,” advocacy stance takes an innovative look at the true value of music education. Broader Minded challenges the beliefs some hold that music plays a supplemental rather than essential role in the curriculum.

Broader Minded is essentially NAfME’s platform for making new arguments that stress the importance of music in every child’s education. It argues that music education offers both brain development benefits, but also promotes such 21st Century Skills as  decision-making, grit and critical thinking.


Join the Broader Minded Movement

If you believe that music education not only impacts academic achievement, but develops the whole student, you believe in a Broader Minded approach to music education. Let parents and other music education supporters in your community know. Share information from NAfME’s Broader Minded website.

NAfME’s Broader Minded video, which could be shared with a concert goers via an Internet connection, could also help you get you point across. You can also ask members of your concert audience to share their own personal stories about the role music education has played their lives. 


Roz Fehr,  NAfME Communications Content Developer, April 28, 2014. © National Association for Music Education (