Want to Inspire Your Music Students in the Classroom? Introduce Them to Interactive Learning




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Interactive Listening Maps linked from iPad to Projector/screen for full class engagement with “Olympic Fanfare” by John Williams.




From BeBop to Beethoven, technology can bring music to life in the classroom. Mollie Gregory Tower, Kay Greenhaw, and Debbie Tannert, will demonstrate just how in a session, “Using Interactive Learning to Link Tech-Savvy Students to the Three B’s- Bach, Beethoven and Brahms.” They will present at NAfME’s 2014 National In-Service Conference at the Gaylord Opryland, October 26-29, in Nashville, Tennessee. Visit the Conference website for more information and to register.


NAfME member Tower, a lecturer at Texas State University, is a longtime advocate for quality music education programs for all students. She  believes innovative materials and stimulating ideas can reach students for K-12 as well as college students and teachers. How can teachers use the Nashville Conference session? She says:


“There is increasing use of technology in public schools, new materials and equipment come out all the time. From iPads and touch screen computers to interactive White Boards and innovative educational software, the possibilities to include a variety of teaching tools to engage your students are forever evolving.


“Students are often more motivated to learn when technology is incorporated into their classes. Many educators and researchers believe that integrating technology in the classroom has many advantages for both teachers and students. Using technology enhances many different aspects of student learning (Bissell, 1998; Burns, 2006; Felstein, 1988; November, 2010; Project Tomorrow, 2009).

“Come prepared to play along on our iPads! Proven and practical teaching tips using new technology-rich curriculum materials.


“Participants will learn how to teach musical concepts such as melodic direction, rhythm, and form through active listening to rich, varied repertoire. Musical works by celebrated composers like Bach, Vivaldi, Handel, Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Verdi, Tchaikovsky, Chopin, Bernstein, Orff, Copland, Kodaly, Ellington, have the power to inspire children.


“When interactive materials incorporating innovative technology advances are used, the classics come alive for students who need 21st Century skills. Teachers will be introduced to Animated VideoMaps that focus eyes and ears on musical elements; Interactive Listening Maps that allow students to repeat/ compare/ contrast musical sections, and new Smart Board and iPad Materials that will engage your tech-savvy students in games and other challenging learning activities.


“Learn how Common Core and National Music Standards are easily met through hands-on interactive learning. Participants will have the opportunity to use iPads as their students might use them.”


Mollie Gregory Tower, Texas State University


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