Websites for the Classroom – Opus #2 – Class Dojo

Behavior Management. A term that can strike terror in the General Music Classroom teacher’s heart. But, fear not! ClassDojo to the rescue!

I recently discovered this incredible positive behavior management tool. You can award both positive and negative points based on things that you choose to monitor. Things like ‘On Task’ or ‘Talking out of turn’. Points can be awarded on your Smartphone, iPad or laptop. Make a comment where you need to, and parents can even check their student’s progress. It’s that easy.

Class Dojo assigns an avatar to each student once you upload your student names (or hand enter them if you prefer). Then you give each student a secret code, and they can edit their avatar any way they like!

Motivational, real-time data and something that students respond positively to? What more could you ask for?

Yes, “there’s an app for that!” And best of all, it’s FREE!

Barbara Balch Vinal, Technology Chair for NCMEA, Charlotte, NC © National Association for Music Education