What's on Your Web Page?

What’s on your school’s Web page? Summer might be a good time to give it a redo. Here are some ideas from the general music forum:

Program Information

  • Overview of what each grade learns by month
  • Information on performing groups and upcoming performances
  • State and national music education standards
  • Concert dress code
  • Grading policies
  • Forms
  • Music teacher’s schedule for general classes and any ensembles
  • Music and lyrics (obtain the proper copyright permissions or stick to traditional works to avoid copyright problems)
  • Sound practice files (for a recorder or other group) (see info on copyright above)
  • Biographical information about the music teacher(s) (degrees, certifications, experience)
  • Contact information

Student Work

  • Video clips and pictures from performances and activities (make sure you have written permission to use students’ images)
  • Student compositions, recordings, improvisations, and podcasts
  • Videos of how to clean your instruments


  • Summaries of research in music education
  • Composer of the month
  • Music quotes
  • Links to music Web sites appropriate for students


If your school’s Web page limits what you can post, provide a link to your own professional Web site. Make sure to abide by all policies about using students’ images, copyright, and appropriateness of material.

—Linda Brown, July 16, 2008 © National Association for Music Education (nafme.org)