Write for Music Educators Journal—Your Professional Journal!

Write for Music Educators Journal—Your Professional Journal!

Music Educators Journal (MEJ) is seeking submissions of articles, essays, and perspective pieces on topics of interest to practitioners of music teaching and learning. MEJ aspires to provide in-depth and nuanced examinations of current issues facing the broader field of music education, including those relevant to solo studio and private practice, public- and private-school teaching, university and higher education, religious and community settings, legislation and policymaking, and educational administration.

Music Educators Journal

Music Educators Journal is currently accepting articles on any music-teaching subject, but of particular interest are:

  • Pieces that address the goals outlined in the NAfME Strategic Plan. Examples include:
    • Articles and scholarship on potential platforms or existing partnerships between researchers and practitioners that have been shown in research to improve practice or expand knowledge.
    • Articles outlining how the profession might continue to foster equity and inclusion within its workforce and for all those it serves.
    • Articles exploring models and practices of volunteerism, amateurism, and community engagement aimed at building future capacity and leadership in music teaching.
  • Pieces investigating the relationship of global events and interconnectivity to music teaching and learning. Examples could include:
    • Articles describing distance learning techniques for music, including discussions of recent advancements in practice, pedagogy, and technology.
    • Articles that explore the short- and long-term effects of COVID-19 on music teaching and learning.
    • Articles that examine cross-disciplinary or cross-cultural approaches to music teaching.
    • Articles that shed light on music education practices outside K–12 settings, including co-curricular, private studio, and homeschooled students.
  • Pieces addressing the needs or lived experiences of underrepresented stakeholders in music education, particularly articles that offer readers unique insights and perspectives into practices, communities, or idioms that might not be well known to the broader music education profession. Special consideration will be given to articles that foster equitable treatment of stakeholders and access to education across racial, socioeconomic, or individual identity lines.

Music Educators Journal is among the most widely-circulated professional journals in music education. Current information and guidelines for submissions can be found here.