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2018 Music Research and Teacher Education National Conference

This biennial event provides a forum for music education researchers, music teacher educators, program leaders, music administrators, curriculum specialists, P-12 teachers, and graduate students in music education to encounter new, original, and high-quality research and pedagogical innovations that advance music education, thus shaping the future of the discipline and profession. NAfME members attend the biennial Conference at a preferred rate.

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Music Cognition and Student Creativity: A Look Back at the 2017 NAfME National Conference

Music Cognition and Student Creativity: A Look Back at the 2017 NAfME National Conference By NAfME Member Elisabeth H. DeRichmond The original article first appeared on Elisabeth DeRichmond’s blog Musikation. While the World Class Minds workshop did provide a basic overall background on how music can be correlated with improved cognition, I was most impressed with Dr. Aurelia Hartenberger’s emphasis on instilling and improving students’ creativity, which she explained through the individualist approach and sociocultural approach. The individualist approach, which includes Jean Piaget’s experimental cognitive psychology and Gordon Allport’s personality…

21st Century Music Education

21st Century Music Education By Nik Preston, sponsored by RSL (Rockschool Limited) I often come across classically trained educators who are seeing diminishing returns in student enrollment, engagement, and retention from classical music provision and are looking at diversifying into the growth areas: contemporary music and music production. Marking a clear delineation between where one genre starts and another begins can be an almost impossible and often fruitless task in the main, and as you have heard in various political rhetoric in recent times, “There is more that unites us…

NAfME’s Legislative Holiday Wish List

The National Association for Music Education (NAfME) wishes to address a number of items under consideration in the United States Congress that could impact education policy and music education across the country.  Here is our Legislative Holiday Wish List:  Raise Spending Caps and Full Funding for Title IV-Part A As the deadline to fund the federal government looms, NAfME urges members of both the House and the Senate to support a year-end spending deal that raises non-defense discretionary spending caps for FY2018.  Raising said spending caps will allow congressional appropriators…