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2018 Music Research and Teacher Education National Conference

This biennial event provides a forum for music education researchers, music teacher educators, program leaders, music administrators, curriculum specialists, P-12 teachers, and graduate students in music education to encounter new, original, and high-quality research and pedagogical innovations that advance music education, thus shaping the future of the discipline and profession. NAfME members attend the biennial Conference at a preferred rate.

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NAfME Celebrates 69 Newly Certified NBCT Music Educators

NAfME Celebrates 69 Newly CertifiedNBCT Music Educators  Last week, the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards celebrated 5,470 new National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs). Each of these accomplished educators earned this prestigious achievement through a rigorous, performance-based and peer-review process, exemplifying their direct impact on student learning and achievement across the country. This year, there were 81 newly certified NBCTs in Music, Early Adolescence through Young Adulthood; and 68 newly certified NBCTs in Music, Early and Middle Childhood. NAfME is delighted to share that out of those 149 newly certified…


Teaching the Musical Cultures of the Andes

  Teaching the Musical Cultures of the Andes Preview from the January 2018 issue of Teaching Music  By Susan Poliniak   The musically-rich cultures of the Andes Mountains can make for valuable additions to your general music classroom. For students whose families hail from the region, learning about this music can be of particular interest. “It only makes sense to expand the general music curriculum to include the music and culture of the many countries from which they came, including Mexico, Guatemala, Chile, Venezuela, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, and many…

Using Music Class as an Instrument for Academic and Behavioral Excellence

Let Your Students Shine: Using Music Class as an Instrument for Academic and Behavioral Excellence By NAfME Member Audrey Rome National Board Certified Music Teacher, Mount Vernon City School District Last fall, I found myself worrying about a familiar situation: Will each one of my essential performers be able to attend our Winter Show and rehearsals? At least one performance per school year since I started teaching, I’ve had the stress of empty parts and chairs on our stage due to students being suspended or being pulled out of rehearsals…