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NAfME Academy is the online learning platform for music educators. The Academy allows educators to access the relevant professional development they need to further enhance their teaching and serve the needs of students through dynamic and effective materials and learning opportunities. By purchasing a one-year subscription, you will have access to 100+ hours of professional development webinars and various other content to augment your success in the classroom. 

December 2019 Music Educators Journal


Guitar Class in the Centennial State

Guitar Class in the Centennial State Number 36: The State of Colorado By Thomas Amoriello Jr. NAfME Council for Guitar Education Chair   In this edition of “50 States of Guitar Class” the NAfME Council for Guitar Education visits Colorado Springs with Chinook Trail music educator Brenda Clark. Ms. Clark has found unique ways to incorporate the guitar (and ukulele) into the music program in Colorado. With that in mind not all guitar programs are full-year high school electives or honors ensembles performing classical repertoire. The guitar can enhance any…

guitars and ukuleles stored hanging on classroom wall
Dj in studio with turntable

Modeling Diversity: Translating Social Issues through Music

Modeling Diversity Translating Social Issues through Music By NAfME Member Raymond Reimer Uy Jr.Hanover Township Public Schools   “What is the story about our world that we are sharing with children?” In a conversation with Lin Manuel Miranda for Hamilton’s America, President Barack Obama said, “The only way anything gets done is if people recognize the truth of the person across the table” (PBS, 2016). Although they were discussing political decisions in Washington, D.C., this statement has implications for the music classroom, as well. An awareness and understanding of the…

Thankful for Progress in Federal Appropriations

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we are thankful that lawmakers have avoided a government shutdown by passing a continuing resolution to fund the federal government through December 20. Additionally, key appropriations committee members in Congress have reached a deal on spending levels for a dozen bills that fund the day-to-day operations of the federal government. Appropriators aim to pass all twelve spending bills before government funding expires on December 20. The federal budget and appropriations process for FY20 has not followed the typical process or procedure. The House of Representatives…