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NAfME Collegiate Advocacy Summit

Don’t miss this opportunity to join us in Washington, D.C., this June, for mentoring and professional development that will empower you to be the advocate you need to be, for yourself, and for your students. Help lead our next steps in this new era for music education. Explore the nation’s capital with peer collegiate leaders from across the country while you learn about the latest federal policies affecting music education. Receive advocacy and leadership training that you can take back to share with your chapter and use in your career and go “behind the scenes” as we meet face-to-face with legislators and their staffs. Register Today

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The Miracle of Music in the Classroom

The Miracle of Music in the Classroom By Kristin Clark Taylor, sponsored by QuaverMusic   Developing social and emotional skills can lead to huge benefits for students, teachers, families, and the larger community. I got the chance to ask one of our Quaver teachers how she integrates social and emotional learning into the music classroom. Read her story below! It’s no secret that students experience big emotions. Sometimes, they may not have a way or a word to express how they are feeling. When your students know how to express…

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Collegiates, Clean Up Your Social Media

Collegiates, Clean Up Your Social Media Getting Ready to Apply for a Job? It’s Time to Curate Your Social Media! By NAfME Member Paul K. Fox© 2019 Paul K. Fox Portions of this blog-post were first published in the January 31, 2019 issue of the Collegiate Communique sponsored by the PMEA State Council for Teacher Training, Recruitment, and Retention. Have you ever gone on the Internet and searched for your name? Have you assessed what your image (and “personal brand”) say about you on all the social media platforms?  …

2019 Collegiate Recognition Program Award Recipients

The NAfME Collegiate Advisory Council is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2019 Shannon Kelly Kane Scholarship, the 2019 Professional Achievement Awards, as well as the Chapter of Excellence Award recipients. These individuals and chapters have worked tirelessly to advance the field of music education and we applaud their efforts. 2019 Professional Achievement Award Recipients: The purpose of the Professional Achievement Award is to recognize individual NAfME Collegiate members for their commitment and dedication to NAfME and music education. This recognition is given to Collegiate members who have served their chapters in an…

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