2017 National In-Service Conference

The NAfME National Conference is the only music education conference where you can connect and collaborate with music educators from all over the world. NAfME can offer tools and techniques to help your students learn and create in new and inspiring ways.

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Welcoming a Jehovah’s Witness into the Band Room

Welcoming a Jehovah’s Witness into the Band Room Questions to Ask and Practices to Implement By NAfME Member Brian Weidner   Can we treat students who are Jehovah’s Witnesses like any other students by accommodating for their unique needs and ensuring a quality educational opportunity for all students within a performance music classroom? “Alice”* and I first met at her eighth-grade audition for the McHenry High School bands. As I sat down after the audition with the middle school band director to discuss individual students’ needs and concerns, the first…


Conducting is Good for Your Health! Expanding Your Conducting Vocabulary

Conducting is Good for Your Health! Expanding Your Conducting Vocabulary By NAfME Member Dr. Andrea Strauss   Have you ever wanted to improve your conducting? Many of us would like to be more expressive to reveal the connection between the music and the players. Conducting is our unique way of interpreting the music and the composer’s intent, yet many times our physical motions limit our ability to best express what the music is trying to convey. Since any gesture over time loses effectiveness, ways to expand our conducting vocabulary are…

Advocacy Webinar – Back to Congress (School)!

Join us on August 29 at 7:00 PM (EDT) for our Quarterly Advocacy Webinar! Congress has been out of session for most of August, but will return in September.  Learn about where we are in the federal budget process, what’s next on their docket in Washington, and how YOU can engage as a music education advocate! Where We Are in the FY 2018 Budgetary Process As it currently stands, the House of Representatives has advanced the furthest in the budgetary process. Prior to Congress’ departure for August recess, the House Appropriations Committee approved their Labor-HHS-Education spending bill…