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2018 NAfME National Conference

Join us again in Dallas, TX, as we take a deep dive into leading topics in music education. The following tracks, or “Opuses,” will allow you to share your own practice, collaborate and network with colleagues from across the country, and expand your toolkit of ideas, models, and activities: Amplify: Learning; Amplify: Innovation; Amplify: Involvement; Amplify: Inspiration; and Amplify: Technology. You can earn up to 30 hours of professional development by attending the conference. Sponsorship opportunities are available.

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64th Anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education: Ensuring Equity in Music Education

  64th Anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education: Ensuring Equity in Music Education   As the National Association for Music Education strives to advance music education by promoting the understanding and making of music by all, that goal will not be reached until our nation’s schools provide an equitable education for all students. We are now at the 64th anniversary of one of the landmark points in the ongoing work toward that educational equality: Brown vs. Board of Education, the momentous case in which the Supreme Court declared state…


Ways to Mix Up Your Large Ensemble Rehearsals

  Ways to Mix Up Your Large Ensemble Rehearsals By NAfME Member Meghan Cabral This article originally appeared on the Band Director’s Talk Shop blog. Sometimes you just need a change in your rehearsal. I have utilized these ideas as rehearsal mix-it-ups, as rewards, or just for a change. Students become very reliant on the people they sit next to, whether they realize it or not. As we work to get students outside of their little “bubble” of their own instrument, these are ways to get students listening for other…

Quality Over Quantity: A Message to Music Education Majors

  Quality Over Quantity A Message to Music Education Majors By NAfME Member Nicholas Tyler   During my first year of teaching, I have learned that quality matters more than quantity. I am not writing this to boast about myself in any way, but to emphasize that smaller programs have great potential in the schools they serve. Never dismiss the small band programs. When looking for your first job, do not overlook the small band programs as an option for employment. These small bands have a negative reputation simply for…