2017 National In-Service Conference

The NAfME National Conference is the only music education conference where you can connect and collaborate with music educators from all over the world. NAfME can offer tools and techniques to help your students learn and create in new and inspiring ways. Early bird rate deadline: September 30.

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Announcing the 2017 All-National Honor Ensembles, Performing November 28-29

For Immediate Release Contact: Catherina Hurlburt at NAfME catherinah@nafme.org or (703) 860-4000, x.216 608 Students from 49 States and Territories to Showcase Talents in Orlando, FL, November 28-29   RESTON, VA (September 19, 2017)—During the 2016-17 school year, talented music students across the United States and overseas in military base schools practiced diligently to gain a chair or part in their local, district, and state music honor ensembles. And of those most elite high school musicians who were accepted to their district or All-State music ensembles, 608 of them—the “best…


The Mystery of “Those” Clarinet High Notes – Part 2

The Mystery of “Those” Clarinet High Notes – Part 2 How Do We Make Those High Notes Sound Better? By NAfME Member Meghan Cabral   This article is part 2 of “The Mystery of the Clarinet’s High Notes” which appeared in the August 2017 issue of Teaching Music. Note: click images to enlarge. View a PDF of this article. As previously discussed in the August 2017 issue of Teaching Music, it is all about oral cavity placement. High tongue + firm embouchure = good tone (in all registers). The first…

Digital Portfolios in the Music Classroom

Digital Portfolios in the Music Classroom: Capturing Your Students Best Work By Graham Hepburn, sponsored by QuaverMusic   As a music educator, you have a front row seat to witness the growth that your students achieve each year. The challenge comes when translating that growth into hard data. But, that data is what administrators really want to see. Digital portfolios offer an effective and efficient answer to this challenge. What is a Digital Portfolio? A digital portfolio is a collection—or portfolio—of student work used to demonstrate evidence of learning. Teachers…

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