Position Statements


Who are We?

  • Founded in 1907
  • Among the world’s largest arts education organizations
  • The only association that focuses on all aspects of music education
  • Advocates for teachers and students with elected officials
  • Works to ensure all students have well-balanced, high-quality music instruction
  • Works to ensure music study remains an integral part of the school curriculum
  • Plays a key role in the development of the Core Arts Standards

What Do We Believe?

NAfME Position Statements

We Invite Your Input!

In September 2016, the National Executive Board of the National Association for Music Education (NAfME) began a review of all current position statements that currently appear on the NAfME website.  Contexts have changed since a number of these were officially approved and adopted by the Association.  

We invite all music educators, advocates, students, parents, researchers, and other stakeholders in music education to provide their ideas for clarifying and strengthening the NAfME position statements.

Learn how you can participate here!

You are welcome to reprint, reproduce, or disseminate these statements with this added credit line:  Adopted (year) by National Association for Music Education.