Acknowledgement to NAfME Society and Council Members for Their Service

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Societies and Councils provide expert, committed leadership for all key areas of music education within the association. NAfME would like to acknowledge the following Society or Council members whose term of service has recently ended for the positions listed. NAfME appreciates their contributions in working toward the goals of the association and thanks them for their commitment to the profession. 

For more information on NAfME Societies and Councils, please visit A printable version of this announcement is available here.

Collegiate Advisory Council

Linda Miller, Chair

Richard Dammers, Eastern Division

Dustin Seifert, Southwestern Division


Council for Band Education

John Miller, Chair

Mary Ellen Cavitt, Southwestern Division


Council for Choral Education

Kathy Spadafino, Eastern Division

Robert A. Hawthorne, Member-at-Large

Roland R. Wilson, Member-at-Large


Council for General Music

Bridget James, Chair

Amy K. Anderson, Southwestern Division

Sara Allen, Member-at-Large

Lisa Rayner, Member-at-Large

Sarah Watts, Member-at-Large


Council for Guitar Education

Bill Swick , Chair

Thomas Amoriello, Eastern Division

Steve Eckels, Northwest Division

Matthew Denman, Southwestern Division

Rosemary Gano, Member-at-Large

Don Hicks, Member-at-Large

Scott Seifried, Member-at-Large


Council for Innovations

Don May, Northwest Division


Council for Jazz Education

Richard Victor, Chair

Roger Groth, North Central Division

Sam Ormson, Northwest Division

John Davis, Southwestern Division

David F. Kauffman, Member-at-Large


Council for Music Composition

Patricia Riley, Chair

Robert F. Deemer, Eastern Division

Matthew Warren, Member-at-Large


Council for Orchestral Education

Joanne May, Chair

Charlene Dell, Southwestern Division

Kate Francis, Western Division

Sarah Djordjevic, Member-at-Large

Christopher Selby, Member-at-Large

Matthew Spieker, Member-at-Large


Council of Music Program Leaders

Shawn Chastain, Chair

Heather Katz-Cote, Eastern Division

Dru Davison, Member-at-Large


Council of Past National Presidents

Nancy Ditmer, Chair


Council of State Editors

Brian Drumbore, Chair


Council of State Executives

Cory Micheel-Mays, Chair


Music Honor Society Advisory Council

Michelle Ewer, Southwestern Division


Society for Music Teacher Education

Constance McKoy, Chair

Abby Butler, North Central Division

Jason Thompson, Western Division

David A. Rickels, Communications Chair


Society for Research in Music Education

Executive Committee

James L. Byo, Chair

Steven M. Demorest

Maud Hickey