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Welcome to the NAfME Music Education Advocate Podcast! Join host Jazzmone Sutton, NAfME State Advocacy Engagement Manager, and other music education advocates to hear their stories and reflections on how to make advocacy actionable for the music education advocate. Listen to the most recent episode of the Music Education Advocate podcast below. Episodes will be released biweekly. (Scroll down for past episodes.)

Federal Landscape Part 2

Join Amanda Karhuse, NAfME Assistant Executive Director for Advocacy and Public Policy; Zachary Keita, NAfME Advocacy and Public Policy Communications Manager; and podcast host Jazzmone Sutton, NAfME State Advocacy Engagement Manager, as they provide an update on federal education legislation and appropriations.

Amanda Karhuse and Zachary Keita










Show Notes:

Support Federal Funding Campaign– Add your voice to the national call to support federal funding for programs impacting music education

Federal Funds Survey Results

Letter to support Non Defense Funding


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Meet the Host

Jazzmone Sutton is the State Advocacy Engagement Manager for the National Association for Music Education (NAfME.) Sutton joined the NAfME team in July 2021. Before joining NAfME as a staffer, Sutton was a passionate elementary music educator and advocate based in North Carolina