After Summer Break, Halle Dinkle Heads Back to School

With a new school year under way for some and beginning soon for others, award-winning cartoonist Tom Batiuk offers a new Halle Dinkle cartoon for MENC members. General music teacher Halle is always looking for new ideas for the classroom. Her creator, Batiuk, reflects on new beginnngs as well.

“I always enjoyed the coming of the new school year. I liked the excitement of what was coming and getting prepared for it,” said Batiuk, a Lowell Mason Fellow.

“Even though it’s been awhile since I’ve taught and even longer since I was a student, I still get to enjoy that feeling through my work. I appreciate the cyclical nature and rhythms of getting Funky [Winkerbean], Crankshaft and now Halle ready for the new year. Right now I’m busy getting the strips ready for the beginning of school, and it’s fun to see that Halle is as well,” Batiuk said.

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Roz Fehr, August 4, 2010 © MENC: The National Association for Music Education