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NAfME Academy is an easy way to access content specific, peer-reviewed, and innovative professional development sessions wherever you are, whenever your schedule allows. With more than 8,600 subscribers across the United States and around the world, NAfME Academy has something for everyone!

Check out a few of our newest webinars for Spring 2019.

Administrating the School Music Program from a Business Perspective – By Robert W. Smith
Gain a new perspective on how to administer your music program like that of a CEO of a high-performing business. In this webinar you will learn practical and effective tactics that are important to the future success of the modern music program. Mr. Smith currently consults for Universal Orlando Resort™ for the development of educational music programs.

Developing the Successful Guitar Class – By Michael Christiansen
In this session, the do’s and don’ts of how to construct the guitar class will be presented. Unique opportunities and challenges will be addressed. Topics will include what you need to get started, what every guitar student should learn, engaging every student, implementing blended learning, and incorporating ensemble literature.

Help with Handheld Percussion – By Kelly Mraz
This webinar will cover playing technique and basic repair for handheld percussion instruments. Mraz will demonstrate proper ways to hold instruments, appropriate striking materials, and the best way to get good sound out of unpitched percussion. It’s probably been a while since you’ve taken percussion methods, so let Mraz refresh your technique and knowledge of handheld percussion instruments!

It’s Essential, Not Sexy – Ethics 101 for Educators – By Paul Fox
Do you know what it means to be a “fiduciary?” What do the terms “slippery slope,” “moral professionalism,” or “The Code” have to do with teaching? “Thou shalt not stray!” as we take a moment to review and share new perspectives in definitions, problems, research, recommendations, and real-time scenarios of ethical decision-making in education.


Making Connections: Using Music to Make Artistic, Interdisciplinary, and Lifelong Connections for Special Learners – By Brian Wagner
A session showcasing how musical repertoire can be used to further develop social, cognitive, and emotional connections to special learners. In addition, providing differentiated entry points to all levels of learners will be introduced, focusing on music literacy and composition. You will see how high-quality repertoire can enhance students’ lives, while music-making is happening.

Props Rock!: Grow and Engage All Learners in Your Chorus with Props – By Leah Murthy
Learn how to engage singers by making rehearsals more hands-on and exciting. Activities that foster the development of good choral tone, expression, and key elements of musicianship will be provided in addition to recommendations on how to make or acquire the props on any budget. These activities and props will enhance the fun and excitement of choral rehearsals.

We Are What We Wear: Equity and Diversity in Concert Attire – By Stacy Dziuk
Music educators often speak to diversity and inclusion in many areas of their teaching and are constantly contemplating how to create a musical culture that is inclusive and representative of all students. Yet, the discussion of what an ensemble wears when they perform often remains mute. We will examine the issues surrounding the use of traditional concert attire with a diverse student population.

Why Doesn’t My Band Sound Better? Ten of the Most Common Problems Band Directors Make during Rehearsals – By David Snyder
Many band directors are frustrated by sub-par performance from their ensembles and mistakenly blame their students for these reoccurring problems. This clinic will present 10 common mistakes that directors make during rehearsal and some possible solutions for correcting them. These problems can be divided into two basic categories: time management and critical listening skills.

Upon successful completion of a NAfME Academy webinar, you will receive a certificate of completion valued at one contact hour.

We also work with school districts to provide NAfME Academy subscriptions to the music teachers they employ. Are you interested in implementing NAfME Academy across your district? Email us at for more information.

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