Choral Clout 2009

Chorus America once again gives choral educators reason to “shout it out!” (Choral Clout, Shout it Out!)

The 2009 Chorus Impact Study shows that choral participation is beneficial, something most singers intrinsically know. But here are the specifics:

  • Choral singing continues to be the most popular form of participation in the performing arts.
  • Adults who sing in choruses are good citizens.
  • Children who sing in choruses achieve academic success and learn valuable life skills.
  • The decline in choral singing opportunities for children and youth is a key area for concern.One of the findings from the 2003 version of the study was that choral singing is an “accessible entry point for arts exposure, with fewer barriers – economic, cultural and educational – than posed by other art forms”. This year’s survey found that 90% of educators believe singing in a chorus helps keep troubled kids involved in school.

    “A large percentage of the American population appears to be drawn to choral singing and the desire to participate in the communal expression, creation, and performance of beautiful music. Whatever motivates choral singers to sing, the data indicates that choral singing is a thriving and growing form of artistic expression in America, and can be acknowledged not just for providing great musical performances, but for advancing many of the positive qualities associated with success in life both for children and adults.”
    — Chorus America

    Next week: more details from the report

    –Sue Rarus, June 9, 2009, © National Association for Music Education