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National Conferences and Events

May 25, 2023: Music Program Leaders Colloquium

“Summer Scheming: How to plan during the summertime for your best school year yet!” How do you best utilize your summer planning to prepare for the next school year? Music program leaders will share their tried-and-true strategies for making the most of your summertime to plan ahead for a productive and successful year. Join us as we wrap up this year and plan for your best year yet! Register now

2023 SMTE Symposium on Music Teacher Education, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, October 12–14. Learn more about the NAfME Society for Music Teacher Education and executive committee.

NAfME General Music Virtual Conference

The NAfME Council for General Music Education hosted a General Music Virtual Conference April 29, 2023, from 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM Eastern. Participants had opportunities to learn and interact with clinicians from multiple general music approaches. The event was co-sponsored by the American Orff Schulwerk Association, Dalcroze Society of America, Feierabend Association for Music Education, Gordon Institute for Music Learning, and the Organization of American Kodály Educators. There was also a General Music Curriculum Fair, a Journal of General Music Education session, and a roundtable on the future of General Music collaboration.

NAfME staff will follow up within 1-2 weeks with all those who attended the live event as well as those who signed up for the conference but were not able to attend the live event virtual conference on April 29. In addition, sessions recordings will be made available later in May in the NAfME Academy.

If you have any questions, contact Laura Reed at (make sure to include your full name, email address, city, state)

For a description of sessions and speakers, click here.

The 2022 Biennial Music Research and Teacher Education Conference and National PreK-12 Conference was held November 2-6. 

NAfME Strategic Plan Town Hall recording available now


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Conferences are produced by each of the NAfME federated state associations throughout the year. Please visit this page to find your state’s website and more information.

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