Cognition/Perception – 2012 Research Abstracts

Bergee, Martin. University of Kansas. “Applying Rasch Modeling to Develop a Rhythm-reading Measure.”

Byo, James. Louisiana State University. Schlegel, Amanda. University of Southern Mississippi. “Effects of Stimulus Octave and Timbre on Tuning Accuracy.”

Dingle, Rosetta. South Carolina State University. “Relationships between Adolescents’ Motor Skill Agility and Adolescents’ Music Aptitudes.”

Geringer, John M. and Sasanfar, Justine K. Florida State University. “Perception of Expressivity in Collaborative Performances.”

Hodges, Donald A. University of North Carolina at Greensboro. “Complex Brain Network Analysis Has Profound Implications for Music Education.”

Hudson, Michael W. Florida State University. “Ratings of Tone Quality and Intonation Based on Instrument Type.”

Hudson, Michael W. Florida State University. “Undergraduate and Graduate Music Students Perception of Matched Pitch.”

Madsen, Clifford K. Florida State University. Silveira, Jason M. Oregon State University. “Measuring Listeners’ Perception of Expressivity across Time.”

Parker, Steven M. University of Colorado at Boulder. “Spectral Centroid for Wind Players: Interactions of Timbre and Frequency.”

Rose, Paige. University of Central Arkansas. “Effects of Manual/Pedal Movement on Accuracy of Steady Beat.”

Rosenthal, Rosanne. VanderCook College of Music. “Thinking Out Loud During Practice: What can Be Learned?

Wapnick, Joel. McGill University. Darrow, Alice-Ann. Florida State University. “Sectional Versus Intact Evaluations of a Chopin Etude.”

Zabriskie, Alan. University of Central Missouri. “Effect of Reverberation on Preference of Tone Quality and Intonation.”