Cultural Diversity/Social Justice – 2012 Research Abstracts

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Clauhs, Matthew. Temple University. “Access and Equity in School Music Programs across the U.S.

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Knapp, David. Florida State University. “The Shelter Concert Series: Homelessness and Musical Outreach.”

Lee, Erren D. University of Memphis. “Graduate Performance Majors’ Response to Teaching Students with Special Needs.”

Marlatt, Jeffrey. Shenandoah Conservatory. “Music Teaching and Music Learning in Cuba: A Personal Narrative.”

Riley, Patricia E. University of Vermont. “Role of Cultural Context in Indian and American Children’s Compositions.”

Robinson, Nicole R. University of Memphis. “Teacher Mobility in an Urban School District: A Case Study.”

Spano, Fred P. University of North Carolina at Charlotte. “Preservice Music Teachers’ Perceptions of LGBTQ Issues.”

Tin-Yu, Liu and Yu, Hsinyen. Taipei National University of Arts. “Aborigine Singers’ Music Learning Process.”