NAfME Academy – Frequently Asked Questions


I just ordered my one-year subscription but can’t figure out how to log-in. What is going on? Importing new users to NAfME Academy is a manual process that occurs at least twice a business day. Once a NAfME Academy user’s account is created they will receive an email with further instructions.

I recently watched a webinar and successfully passed the quiz, but I haven’t received my certificate yet. Is something wrong? Creating the ‘Certificate of Completion’ is a manual process that occurs at least once a week. A PDF certificate will be sent via email.  Please allow 5-7 business days for this to occur.

Do NAfME Academy webinars count toward Continuing Education Units? We realized each state, district and even school approaches professional development a bit differently. Upon successful completion of any NAfME provided professional development, you will be issued a certificate of completion valued at ‘one contact hour.’ My recommendation would be for you to take this certificate to your administrator to determine how it will be applicable in your specific circumstance.

How do I find archived webinars? Archived webinars can be found in NAfME Academy.  Once you purchase a one-year subscription, you will receive a link, username and password to NAfME Academy.  If you are interested in received a certificate of completion from viewing the webinar you have the opportunity to answer the questions included with the video.  Certificates will be emailed to you within one weeks of submitting.


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Can you receive a certificate of completion after viewing archived webinars? 
If you are interested in received a certificate of completion from viewing the webinar you have the opportunity to answer the questions included with the video.  Certificates will be emailed to you within one week of submitting.

Can I purchase a webinar individually? No, all 60+ hours of professional development webinars are sold as a package.  A one-year subscription to NAfME Academy is $20 for current members of NAfME and $100 for non-members.

How long are most webinars? The webinars are approximately 1 hour in length. 

What equipment do I need to participate in a NAfME Academy webinar? Basic Equipment Needed:

  • Computer with Internet access
  • Speakers

Is this opportunity available to non-members? If you are not a NAfME member, you can still access webinars. There are many other benefits for the music educator when becoming a member of NAfME. Please visit the Membership Tour for an overview, and consider joining more than 75,000 active, retired, and pre-service NAfME members who represent all levels of teaching.  

I work in Pennsylvania and need ACT 48 hours. Is NAfME an approved provider? Yes, any work you do with NAfME provided professional development counts towards ACT 48 hours. Once you receive your certificate, please submit your hours through the appropriate channels in your school. In the event this does not work, please contact PMEA and they will be able to process the hours for you.

I teach in New York and need CTLE credits. Is NAfME an approved provider? Absolutely. NAfME’s CTLE vendor identification number is 3288. If you need any further documentation, please contact JJ Norman.

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  • Monica Autry

    Is it possible to make these available through a university as graduate credit? My school system only accepts graduate credit for certificate renewal. Thank you.

    • We do not currently offer graduate credit for work completed in NAfME Academy. However, this is something we hope to offer in the future.

  • Sarah Matson

    Will any count towards a level II certificate?

    • Sarah, I am not sure what “Level II” you are referring to. Please contact JJ Norman ( for more information.

  • Samantha Lanka

    Once I subscribe, will I need to pay additional payments for the package?

    • Once either the $20 or $100 subscription fee is paid, depending on your NAfME membership status, there are no other fees associated with NAfME Academy for the duration of your one-year subscription.

  • Chris Young

    I need CEU’s for my teachers license in Mississippi. Is NAFME an approved provider?