Context Matters: The 6th International Symposium on Assessment in Music Education


Context Matters: The 6th International Symposium on Assessment in Music Education

April 18-21, 2017
Birmingham City University, Birmingham, England, UK
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Submission deadline: September 2, 2016


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The University of Florida and Birmingham City University will host the 6th International Symposium on Assessment in Music Education in April 2017 at Birmingham City University in the UK. The purpose of the symposium is to bring together music education and measurement professionals worldwide to share the latest research, thought, and practice in music education assessment. We invite primary and secondary school music educators, higher education professionals and music education researchers, national, state and local education officials from across the world to join us in Birmingham.


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Key Questions. The Key Questions for this symposium fall into two strands. They are:
The Topics and Key Questions for this symposium are:

  • Diverse methodologies. What models, designs, and practices are most successful in assessing student achievement and skill in music in diverse educational systems?
  • Effective data use. In what ways are music educators using assessment data effectively to improve music teaching and learning?
  • Assessing music learning. How is music learning assessed in local, regional, state, national, and international contexts?
  • Data analysis. In what ways are music assessment data analyzed to yield meaningful information in different contexts?
  • Evaluation. What forms, tools, or processes are used to assess and/or evaluate the practices of music teaching and learning?
  • Validity and reliability. In what ways are reliability and validity influenced by music assessment contexts?
  • Unintended consequences. What unforeseen and unplanned outcomes of assessment and evaluation have been observed?
  • Ethical obligations. How does the music education profession ensure that the ethical obligations of assessment in music education (professional competency, integrity, honesty, confidentiality, objectivity, and fairness) are met?


Call for Papers and Presentations. We seek submissions for spoken papers, posters, symposia/panel discussions, and assessment practice papers that address the symposium theme and key questions. Submissions are due by Friday, September 2, 2016. Details of the submission process and registration are available at All submissions will be reviewed by an expert panel of music educators from across the world, and notifications will be completed by November 4, 2016. Early submissions are encouraged.

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