Election 2016 Alert: Biden Will Not Run for President

Earlier this afternoon, Vice President Joe Biden announced that he would not be seeking the presidency, ending months of large speculation.  The Vice President made his announcement in the White House Rose Garden with his wife, Jill, and President Barack Obama at his side.  Biden stated that the window has closed for a successful campaign, noting his family’s grief with the death of his son, Beau.  In the remainder of his speech, Biden furthered that he “will not be silent” despite not being a candidate and continued speaking as a defender of the Obama administration, noting he was proud of being a part of its success.

Prior to becoming Vice President, Biden was elected as the U.S. Senator from Delaware in 1973; a seat which he held for over three decades. He made two runs for president, once in 1988, and another in 2008.  

A full video of Vice President Biden’s announcement may be found on CNN.

Ronny Lau, Legislative Policy Advisor, Center for Advocacy, Policy, and Constituency Engagement, October 21, 2015. © National Association for Music Education (NAfME.org).