“Empower Creativity”: NAfME 2015 In-Service Presenters’ Articles

Following are blog posts from a sampling of this year’s In-Service Presenters. Bookmark this page, and check back for updates.


professional development


General Music/General Interest

Anne Smith, Ed.S, “Gospel Music is GOOD NEWS!” and “Gumbo in the Urban Classroom

Jim Tinter, “Beginning a Dynamic Recorder Program” and “Developing a Dynamic Recorder Program

Melissa Berke, Erika Kepler, and Ashley Jurgens, “Help! This Wasn’t Covered in My Methods Class!: Creative Problem Solving for First-Year Teachers

Janice Smith and Michele Kaschub, “From Imagination to Notation: Keeping Composition Creative

Mark Laughlin, “Video Game Music: The Great Teaching Experiment

Shelbi Busche, “All Uke Can Do: Enhancing General Music through the Ukelele

Marissa Curry, Ingrid Ladendorf, and Caroline Moore, “Singing in Early Childhood

Sara Given, “Using Humor as a Teaching Tool in the Music Classroom

Joann Benson, “How to Use Appalachian Dulcimers to Teach Music Literacy in Your Classroom

Greg Wilfrid, “Creating Storytellers in Your General Music Classroom

Kristen Rencher, “NAfME Member Builds Inclusive Classroom for Student



Anthony Mazzocchi, “Who Actually Quits Musical Instrument Instruction—Children or Their Parents?”, “What Makes a Great Music Teacher?”, “How to Cultivate a Great Beginner Band

Joseph Rutkowski, “Play for Your LIFE!: Chamber Music from Mozart to Led Zeppelin

Nora Tycast and Brian Lukkasson, “Creating a More Musically Literate High School Musician

Cara Calabrese, “A Creative Approach to Building Percussion Ensembles

Lorie Enloe, “How to Successfully Implement Non-Performance Standards in Your Music Ensemble: Taking the Extra Step with Your Music Ensemble

Jeremy Kirk, “Empowering the Timpanists in Your Music Ensemble: Timpani Survival 101



Dr. David Fryling, “A Creative Space: Prescriptions for Conducting (and Building) Creative Singers

Stuart Chapman Hill and Joshua Palkki, “Using Circle Singing to Enliven Choral Activity

Wendy K. Moy, “Empower Your Choral Program by Creating a Community Culture

Nathan Dame and Ashley Delaney, “Generation What!?: Creating ‘We’ in the Age of ‘Me’

Derrick Fox, “50 Shades of Grading: Implementing Creative Assessment Models in the Choral Classroom

Christine C. Bass, “Vocal Transformation for Your Choir

Dr. David W. Langley, “Infusing Creativity into Your Choral Rehearsal



Angela Harman, “Talent Doesn’t Grow on Trees . . . It Grows in Orchestra!

Colleen Ferguson, Dr. Lucy Lewis, and Dr. Kira Omelchenko, “From Zero to Hero: Strategies for Building a String Program from Scratch

Eugenia Goldman, “Independent Chamber Music Programs: Tips for Orchestra Directors

Michael E. Martin, “Creativity and Improvisation for Beginning Strings: A Step-by-Step Approach

Bill Swick, “31 Steps Toward an Award-Winning Guitar Program



Ronny Lau, “How You Can Advocate for Music Education


Special Events

Rosalind Fehr, “There’s Nothing Rotten about the Kirkpatrick Brothers: NAfME 2015 In-Service Conference Keynote Presenters