How Non-Profits & Booster Groups Can Benefit From #SocialMedia


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Social media is an inexpensive way to keep your members, volunteers, and donors informed, and an effective tool for advertising events and promotions! By delivering great experiences and content to your supporters, you can use that engagement to drive social visibility. Great content and experiences make people feel connected to an organization, and their interaction with your Social Media accounts can turn into social visible endorsements.

Engaging your audience means sharing content that encourages them to act, so remember, once your accounts are up and running, be sure to post and tweet frequently to spread the word from your school, into your community for engaged, spirited, and informed supporters!


Why Use Social Media?

  • Learn what your supporters are saying and sharing about your organization.
  • Drive traffic to your various Web properties: Main Website, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, etc.
  • Improve results on search engine result pages with keyword rich content
  • Drive visitors to online donation pages
  • Enable supporters to distribute messages about your organization through their social Web presence
  • Empower your most passionate and influential supporters to promote your organization
  • Enable grassroots movements in real-time and rapidly respond to unforeseen events
  • Humanize your organization by not limiting communications to traditional methods or messages
  • Acquire new contacts and build your email house file
  • Increase trust and loyalty from your supporters by allowing them to share their voice through feedback forums
  • Maintaining relationships with donors and volunteers
  • Deepening collaborative relationships with other organizations
  • Increasing attendees by promoting upcoming events
  • Recruiting new volunteers
  • Sharing your nonprofit’s successes including stories and pictures


Give Me The Facts:

  • 47% of Americans learn about causes via social media and online channels.
  • 56% of those that support nonprofits on the Social Web confirm that compelling storytelling is what motivates them to take action on behalf of nonprofits.
  • 55% of those who engage with nonprofits via social media have been inspired to
  • take further action.
  • 57% of Facebook Fans “Like” a charity on Facebook because they want to publicly display their support of the nonprofit to their friends.
  • For every 1,000 e-newsletter subscriber, nonprofits have 149 Facebook Fans.
  • The number of followers nonprofits have on Twitter grew by 264% in 2012.
  • In an average peer-to-peer fundraising campaign of donations are referred directly from Facebook.
  • The average social media donation and growing each year.
  • Using Twitter during fundraising events can result in 10X more money raised online.




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