How Technology Is Being Used In Music Classrooms

Even though I’m not a music teacher (nor have I ever been, or will I be), I tend to find technology in music classrooms to be some of the most exciting ways that technology is being put to use in classrooms overall. While there’s lots of time-saving-efficient-cool-useful stuff happening in all types of classrooms, there’s something particularly awesome about making music and integrating some awesome digital technologies into the process. There are a million and one ways to use aniPad or other tablet in your music classroom, but it definitely doesn’t stop there! The handy infographic below takes a look at how technology is revitalizing how musicians compose, record, perform, and distribute music – both in and out of the classroom.

Technology in the Music Classroom

  • 74% of teachers feel that technology supports and expands the curriculum
  • 74% say it motivates students to learn
  • 73% say it motivates students to respond to a variety of learning styles
  • 11% use an interactive table
  • 59% use an interactive whiteboard
  • 35% use tablets or e-readers
  • 48% make online lesson plans
  • 45% use web based/interactive games
  • 44% use as vehicle for information delivery to students and parents
  • Offers easy access to connect with other teachers and musicians
  • Leaves time for flexibility in class
  • Encourages students to create and showcase their music
  • Offers differentiated instruction
  • Students have access to new resources and concepts
  • Use your technology to create a music production studio – including composition, rehearsal, recording, editing, distributing, etc!

Great Music Apps

  • Ear Trainer
  • Garage Band
  • forScore
  • Real Piano Pro
  • Guitar Lab
  • ImproVox
  • Tab Toolkit


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