Making a Case for Chorus

Making a Case for Chorus

“Of the educators who said that their school has no choir program today, 31% said their school used to have such a program.”– from Making the Case for Your School Choir: An Advocacy Guide,  Chorus America

Chorus America has produced a free advocacy guide to help you make the case for your school chorus. It has persuasive facts on the benefits of choral singing; an action plan for advocacy; resources to help you promote and maintain a strong choral program; and even an annotated bibliography of more than 40 additional resources. Here is a quick list of reasons why having a choir in a school music program makes sense. Post this in your concert program!


1. Everyone has a voice.

2. That voice comes free- no purchases necessary.

3. That voice is portable – no special travel requirements.

4. That voice is highly flexible – all music can be sung.

5. Choral music has rhythms AND words. Reading, counting, comprehension, foreign languages, expression – it has it all.

6. Choral music has messages and meaning. Choral music provides a powerful means of cultural and historical expression.

7. Choral singing is a collaborative endeavor – people sing together.

8. Choral singing can be taught in ways that work for all kinds of learners.

9. Choral singing is a cost–effective form of arts education.

10. Choral singing is a life-long activity.

–Sue Rarus, March 16, 2011, © National Association for Music Education