Ethan Chessin teaches choir, songwriting, and music production at Camas High School.  Over the last twelve years, his students have premiered over one hundred new pieces of music, written by students and alumni as well as nationally renowned musicians.  His expertise in producing major collaborative premieres have earned his choirs invitations to record and perform alongside Portugal. The Man, Stanley Jordan, Y La Bamba, Girls In Trouble, AU, Michael Allen Harrison, Bright Moments, Kingdom Sound, Trio Tsuica, Carpathian-Pacific Express, and many others.  Ethan is a 2023 Country Music Association Music Teacher of Excellence, was awarded the first Give A Note Foundation nationwide Music Educator Innovator Award, and he has been recognized regionally as a Washington Teacher of the Year Finalist, Southwest Washington Teacher of the Year, and Camas High School Teacher of the Year.  Prior to his teaching career, while playing trombone with the MarchFourth Marching Band he performed alongside Pink Martini, opened for Gwen Stefani, and was featured on the soundtrack of the Pixar film “Monsters University”. Ethan loves baking rye bread and reading bedtime stories to his two sons in funny voices.

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