Dr. Sonya White Hope believes that music education grounded in an Africentric paradigm nurtures individuals’ confidence, self-determination, artistry, collaboration, and perseverenace. She infuses her work with joy, play, and reflection. Her professional activities have included guest conducting, consulting, teaching in public K-12 classrooms and university settings, conference presentations, participating as an advisor to state-level and local policy bodies, and more. A scholar-activist, Dr. White Hope’s research centers arts education as cultural emancipation (AECE) philosophy, and examines topics at the intersection of culturally relevant music education, Africa-descended students, communities, and educators, and arts education in the African Diaspora.

Dr. White Hope founded Sankofa Songs! Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to cultivating exceptional Africentric arts education practice. Sankofa Songs! nurtures community among aspiring and experienced Africentric arts educators, provides professional development in Africentric arts education practices, produces events, spearheads research, and develops Africentric pedagogical tools that support K-12 arts educators and their instruction.

When she isn’t teaching, researching, or performing, Dr. White Hope enjoys making all sorts of art, cycling, and yoga.


“Be so good you cannot be denied.”   ~Ralph White (1935-1993)

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