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Fundraising Ideas From the Handbook

Fundraising is as vital to public relations as it is to profit generation. Always consider the benefit to your funder when developing fundraising plans. Examples: If you are having a “rock-a-thon,” “dance-a-thon,” or “anything-a-thon”… hold it at a local business. The business will probably be happy to supply the contestants with refreshments and publicity because of the increased traffic to their location. And guess who will be a loyal supporter of your program in the future … the management and employees of that business! Sell stock in a project, trip, or event sponsored by your chapter. Include your sponsor in the event’s success by holding a “Stockholders Dinner,” during which videos, photos, and testimonials of participants can be presented. Tips for Developing Fund-Raising Ideas:

  • Set financial goals for the year in dollars per volunteers available. Limit fund-raising projects to three a year.
  • Limit the length of the project (usually two weeks). Begin early in the school year to avoid competing with other events.
  • Energize volunteers by selling the project’s benefits to them, either as individuals or a group. Concrete goals work best. Never assume that the people know what they are supposed to do.
  • Always reward volunteers who sell above the goal. Small incentives, such as free pizzas or movies donated by local businesses, can increase sales up to 20 percent. Keep competition friendly.
  • When selecting a fund-raising product supplier, focus on the most dollars raised, not on the profit margin. Research the company’s reputation and product quality. Look for assistance in planning and avoiding pitfalls.

Fund-Raising Resources: