NAfME Collegiate – Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I join NAfME as a Collegiate member?  NAfME is the professional organization for all music educators – pre-service, active, or retired. As a member of NAfME Collegiate you will

  • gain the benefit of a professional identity at the earliest stages of your career,
  • have exclusive opportunities to interact with and learn from active music educators and administrators,
  • receive valuable professional development at state and national conferences at a significantly reduced cost (or free),
  •  participate in activities and programs that will prepare you for your career, and
  • have networking opportunities that will help you get job interviews and land a job.

NAfME’s members-only online resources  provide information and materials that can be used for school assignments and research.  NAfME Collegiate membership will help you succeed in school and career!

  • How can our chapter get in touch with other chapters within our state and/or nationally? Attending state and local conferences and meetings is a great way to network with other Collegiate members and chapters. Your state Collegiate chairperson is also the conduit for Collegiate chapters within your state.  Remember to use the NAfME Web site’s Future Teachers forum as a means of getting involved in discussions with other Collegiate members on issues of importance to future music educators.
  • How do I get a copy of NewsLink NewsLink is posted every month in the Collegiate Advisory Council Interest Area on the NAfME website.  Monthly notifications are sent to all Collegiate members via e-mail, so make sure NAfME has your current e-mail address.
  • How can I get a copy of the Quickstart Guide for NAfME Collegiate Chapters? Your chapter advisor is mailed a copy of the Quickstart Guide, the Collegiate poster, and 10 membership brochures in August.  The Quickstart Guide contains many helpful ideas for running a chapter, recruitment, activities, important dates and deadlines.
  • What types of leadership opportunities are there for me as a Collegiate member? Leadership opportunities for Collegiate NAfME members exist at the chapter and many state levels. Most Collegiate chapters have elected officer positions that need to be filled yearly. See your chapter’s constitution and bylaws or the Quickstart Guide for NAfME Collegiate Chapters for more information.
  • What can we do to increase our chapter’s membership? Have a NAfME Collegiate display with chapter leaders and membership brochures at your School of Music’s orientation in the fall and spring semesters.  Display the 2014-15 Collegiate poster in your music building to notify music students of your meetings and events. Make sure that music education faculty offer membership information to all of their students.  Ask the Dean or department chair to communicate the importance of NAfME membership to all faculty members.  All music students – music education, applied music, music business, music therapy, or other areas – are great candidates for NAfME Collegiate membership.
  • Can being a member of NAfME help me find a job when I graduate? Absolutely!  Showing a future employer that you belong to your professional organization – NAfME – is an important part of your credibility as a future employee.   NAfME hosts an online Job Bank where members can browse current job openings.  Interview techniques, resume-writing, and help with the job-search are the topics of many local chapter meetings, many Collegiate NewsLink issues, and appear regularly on the Future Teachers Forum of NAfME.  Many state conferences offer job search assistance, as well, so be sure to attend!
  • What is the deadline to join or renew my Collegiate membership? Students may join or renew their NAfME Collegiate membership throughout the year.  The Collegiate membership year is July 1 through June 30, so, Collegiates are encouraged to join or renew online as soon after July 1 each year to receive full member benefits.
  • When will I receive my NAfME journals – Teaching Music and Music Educators Journal? The August and September issues of the NAfME periodicals will be sent to the chapter advisor for distribution to prospective student members, based on the chapter’s member count the previous year. After the September issue, which is mailed in mid-August, student members will not receive NAfME periodicals until approximately 30 days after their individual membership has been processed. Application by regular mail may encounter significant delays compared to online registration due to manual processing. Missed issues due to inactive membership will not be sent. Back issues may be purchased by contacting NAfME Member Services at 800-336-3768.