MENC Executive Director Announces Departure from MENC After Almost 27 Years

At the October 2009 meeting of the MENC National Executive Board, MENC Executive Director John J. Mahlmann announced his decision to resign from MENC after nearly 27 years at the helm of the association. During his tenure, which encompassed more than a quarter of MENC’s existence, he led the organization through a period of substantial membership growth and transformed the landscape of music education through innovative programs and vigorous advocacy.

John J. Mahlmann, executive director of MENC since 1983

MENC President Barbara Geer said on behalf of the board, “We are all sorry to hear that John has decided to retire next year from his post as the longest-serving Executive Director of MENC. But at the same time, we appreciate the energy he devoted to managing the affairs of our organization and shaping the development of our profession.”

John Mahlmann addresses music education advocates on Capitol Hill in June 2008.

“John was the latest of six executives in the history of MENC,” continued Geer, “and served during a time of unprecedented growth in the field of music education and expansion of the influence of our association. The MENC National Executive Board is now developing a plan to guide the search for a new Director, and hopes to have a replacement on board when John leaves in April.”

Biography of John Mahlmann

Elizabeth Lasko, October 30, 2009. © MENC: The National Association for Music Education