MENC Staff Celebrates National Anthem Day

MENC staff sings the national anthem at 9 am local time in celebration of National Anthem Day.

On Monday, September 14, MENC staff—decked in red, white, and blue—gathered in front of the National Center for Music Education in Reston, Virginia, to sing “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

The sing was part of an annual National Anthem Day celebration to honor the day in 1814 that Frances Scott Key penned the anthem after witnessing American forces defend Fort McHenry from British troops.

As part of the celebration, Susan Lambert, outreach manager, and Shauna Leavitt, student programs manager, performed “The Stars and Stripes Forever” march arranged for four hands.

MENC staff members Susan Lambert (left) and Shauna Leavitt (right) perform a patriotic duet.

The MENC staff was joined by students across the nation who filled hallways, auditoriums, and schoolyards to sing the anthem at 9 am local time in their own unique celebrations of National Anthem Day.

MENC encourages these celebrations as an excellent opportunity for teachers to educate students about the national anthem and to demonstrate the important role music teachers play in passing on our cultural heritage.

“By having our own celebration on September 14, the MENC staff recognizes and honors the participation of our members and their students across the country on National Anthem Day,” said John Mahlmann, executive director of MENC.

MENC recognizes schools that participate in the celebration with an All-Star School certificate and lists the school names and event photos on The National Anthem Project Web site. If your school participated this year, contact Susan Lambert.

Learn more about “The Star-Spangled Banner” and National Anthem Day on The National Anthem Project Web site.

-Anne Wagener, September 16, 2009 © MENC: The National Association for Music Education