Music Educators Report on Health Issues

In January 2008, MENC’s online Question of the Month asked members about health issues for music educators and music students. 374 members responded to this voluntary survey.

One question from the survey asked teachers about student health as it relates to music class:

Do you currently see, or have you seen, any of these injuries or issues with your students?

  • 75%: yes
  • 21%: no


If so, which? Please indicate all that apply:

  • 46%: vocal health for singers (improper/overuse of voice)
  • 20%: musculoskeletal health for instrumentalists (injuries, strains, etc.)
  • 16%: music-induced hearing loss
  • 43%: stress in the lives of music students affecting their musicianship
  • 66%: performance anxiety
  • 19%: musculoskeletal health for singers (alignment, posture, relaxation, etc.)

For more information on the survey, contact You can also read MENC’s position statement on Health in Music Education.


Roz Fehr, April 23, 2008, © MENC: The National Association for Music Education