Music's Effect on the Brain: An Infographic

music infographic 2

  • Kimberly

    My son has struggled with language issues and has CAPD. He played the piano for four consecutive years. I believe he has been able to cope with his challenges more effectively. He is doing fantastic in school and on his standardized tests. Definitely recommend an instrument as well as playing classical music in the home!

  • Lyn

    Is there a reproduction of this in poster form? I am a SLP in high school and would like to post this entire graphic in my class space. Thanks!

  • Donna Marie Franchetta Berchto

    I would like to get this as a poster for our music rooms. Where can I get a few?

  • Thomas Thieme

    So, wait, Bach is full of patterns and repetitions. Is it the variation on the same repetitions that keeps the brain “awake”?

  • Marilee

    I would like a poster as well!