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  • Lisa Steckel

    I am an elementary general music specialist in Moscow, ID. We are in the process of creating new reporting forms, assessments, rubrics, etc., based on the new Common Core Standards and Mastery-based teaching model. We have received some materials from Sanborn School District in New Hampshire. We are asking that any of you who have made some progress toward creating these materials based on the new standards and mastery-based teaching model please share with us what you have accomplished thus far. We are hoping to create a forum for discussion on how to proceed.
    Thank you. Lisa Steckel, Russell and West Park Elementary Schools, Moscow, Idaho

    • Heather Hartung-Akers

      We are in the same process. Good luck. I will forward as we complete. Please do the same as we have years of “tweaking” ahead of us both.

  • Hello, Jim. In the OTL Standards for Ensembles, the heading is for Elementary and Secondary Band, so materials and equipment apply to both: In the opening OTL document ( on the second page, please note the bullet at the top: “one category for each of the four Strands: Ensembles, Harmonizing Instruments, Composition/Theory, and Technology. These strands apply to all secondary grades, and to primary grades where applicable.” And then the strand for ensembles has notes about what happens in 4th and 5th grade, for example. The “where applicable” clause allows freedom for the teacher to select from the middle school list as he or she feels is appropriate for the ensemble at hand. If you have further questions, please reach out to Director of Public Policy and Professional Development Lynn Tuttle at

  • Hello, Jim. The Opportunity-to-Learn Standards, as originally envisioned, spell out what schools supply to support standards-based learning in music education. As understood by the early authors of the OTL standards (going back to the 1990s), most schools do not supply elementary band instruments; instead, those were routinely rented or purchased by a student’s family for the student’s use. As noted with the addition of the elementary strings list, however, many schools, in supporting families who cannot financially or practically rent or purchase instruments in today’s environment, are now beginning to supply instruments for all students – including elementary band and strings instruments.

    NAfME will reach out to our Council of Music Program Leaders to devise a list of elementary band instruments to be included within the OTL’s to help music teachers educate administrators and others on what is typical instrumentation for an elementary concert band. Keeping in mind, of course, that the local funding environment and geography, both of the school and of the families involved at the school, will determine whether or not these instruments are provided by the school or by the family.

    If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to NAfME Director of Public Policy and Professional Development Lynn M. Tuttle,