NAfME Member Benefit Eases Performance Licensing

Performance licensing is a task many music educators struggle with. For events sponsored by NAfME or its state affiliates, a member benefit eliminates this chore.

Through agreements with ASCAP and BMI, NAfME-sponsored groups are granted performance rights to music managed by these organizations. This covers only nondramatic performances sponsored by NAfME and “its Divisions and State Organizations.”

That includes events such as the following:

  • Performances at NAfME national, division, or state MEA conferences.
  • All-state or all-national honor ensembles.
  • Performances at NAfME or MEA meetings. 
  • Other Association concerts, such as for the anniversary of the founding of an MEA. 

That does not include these events:

  • Concerts given by NAfME members and/or their students that are not sponsored by NAfME or a state MEA.
  • School concerts

Both ASCAP and BMI have easy-to-use databases where you can search for music they license by title, artist, songwriter/composer, or publisher. MEAs can use these songs without requesting a license.


However, if members wish to record their students’ performance of any work, permission must be obtained through RightsFlow Limelight or The Harry Fox Agency’s Songfile. For more information, visit RightsFlow Limelight or the Harry Fox Agency’s Songfile.


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—Linda C. Brown, May 21, 2012, © National Association for Music Education (