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NAfME publishes six periodicals, two print (which are available online also) and four online only. NAfME members can view back issues of all NAfME periodicals in their entirety at no charge, except Journal of Research in Music Education (JRME). Back issues of JRME are available to subscribers. Visit the links below to login.

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Music Educators Journal

Currently published quarterly. As of March 2016, the issues will be digital only. (Print edition will be available for an additional $20 subscription fee; please contact or 1-800-336-3768.).

Questions? Contact Ella Wilcox


Teaching Music Magazine

Published four times per year, automatically mailed to all NAfME members (Digital edition available).

Questions? Contact Ella Wilcox


  • Institutions-All institutional subscription orders worldwide for Teaching Music should contact:
Phone 1-800-633-4931 or 205-995-1577 (outside the US and Canada)
Fax 205-995-1588



Journal of Research in Music Education

Published quarterly; available to NAfME members for an additional subscription fee (Digital edition available with subscription).


General Music Today

Published only online three times a year, available free to members.


UPDATE: Applications of Research in Music Education

Published only online three times a year, available free to members.


Journal of Music Teacher Education

Published only online three times a year, available free to members.

  • Donald Ainsworth

    I would like continue to read my MEJ and Teaching Music. At this time, I read my daily newspapers (plural) and several magazines of interest to me easily, because they are delivered directly to my iPad. Why does NafME use these odd and obsolete interfaces to their journals, rather than a modern tablet app?

    • kristenrNAfME

      Hi Donald, as of March 2016, the Music Educators Journal will be digital only. If you have any questions, please contact or 1-800-336-3768. Starting in March, NAfME members will receive an e-mail with a link to a page where they can log in, using their e-mail and NAfME member number, to access digital issues.

  • I am happy to join this website. I follow their Magazines.

  • Phyllis McCane Osenton

    Since my ID # is 375 I’ve wondered if I may be one of our oldest living members? I joined as a student as a sophomore in 1952. Served as a state president and many other positions through the years and and still advocate for music education any chance I get.

  • Ray Lowther

    my ID # is 130 — been a member for some time!