Preparing to Teach Music in Today's Schools

The Best of MEJ

Russell L. Robinson, Editor
Book design by Karen M. Fields
© Copyright 1993
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Russell L. Robinson

Section 1: Student Teaching

  • Cooperating Teachers: Nurturing Professional Growth
    Janice P. Smith
  • Tomorrow’s Directions in the Education of Music Teachers
    Charles R. Hoffer
  • The Cooperating Teacher: A Critical Link to Music Education’s Future
    William Fenton and Gregory Rudgers
  • Does Student Teaching Make a Difference?
    Manny Brand

Section 2: The Job Search

  • The Complete Job Hunter
    Edward M. Warnick
  • Writes of Spring: Getting a Good Recommendation
    James Patrick O’Brien
  • Interviewing Successfully: The Right Moves
    Robert L. Cowden
  • Assess the Program Before You Accept the Job
    Lewis H. Strouse


Section 3: First-Year Teaching

  • The Challenge of the 1st Year
    Manny Brand
  • How to Survive in a New Teaching Position
    Jerry Kupchynsky
  • Launching a Choral Program: Planning + Effort = A Year of Success
    Ernest L. Johnson and Monica Dale Johnson
  • Advice for New Instrumental Music Teachers
    Albert Hunt
  • Reality 101
    Gary C. Mortenson