NAfME Members Draw Attention to Music Education Challenges During Presidential Speeches

On Monday, September 12, three NAfME members participated in a special event in the White House Rose Garden. Maryland Music Educators Association member Ron Frezzo and Brian Stacey, a member of the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association (PMEA), attended a speech President Obama gave on the American Jobs Act.

Frezzo is an International Baccalaureate and vocal music teacher at Richard Montgomery High School in Montgomery County, Maryland, while Stacey teaches general music, music theory, and 4th through 12th grade instrumental music, in the Glendale School District.

On Tuesday, President Obama visited Fort Hayes Art and Academic High School in Columbus, Ohio, and discussed dedicated music educators, who work to ensure their students receive a high-quality classroom experience.

The president mentioned in particular Philadelphia music teacher Jason Chuong, who also attended the September 12 event and spoke briefly with the president afterwards. Chuong, who is an NAfME and PMEA member, teaches music at seven different schools each school week.

President Obama’s Ohio Speech

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