FEDERAL SHUTDOWN GRINDS ON: Action You Can Take – October 8, 2013

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“Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste.”

Those famous words have certainly been heard more than a few times in recent weeks on Capitol Hill. Within the music education community at-large, we would be wise to pay attention to that message as well.

While all of us feel limited in what we can do to address the federal government’s shutdown and its impact on education funding, music teachers across the country should take solace that right now is an incredible opportunity to advocate for programs from coast to coast.

Calling and e-mailing members of Congress is an important form of advocacy, but the real grassroots work that will protect music education in America takes place in school districts and communities all over the nation.

To that end, we are using this moment today to remind NAfME’s members that while Congress continues to try and sort out the business of funding the government, music educators should visit the NAfME Music Advocacy Groundswell, familiarize themselves with the Association’s bevy of grassroots advocacy tools, and become a #GroundswellInsider, in order to ensure that they receive all of the latest updates on the funding crisis, and more.

To all of our members – thanks so much for all that you do every day – Orchestrating Success in America’s classrooms!