ANHE Selection Criteria

honor ensembles



Updated April 26, 2021

  1. Each state will receive a quota based upon the number of active NAfME members in their state. This quota must be filled first unless a particular state does not provide enough student applications for each ensemble.
  2. If your state Music Education Association (MEA) does not sponsor a particular All-State Festival, the state MEA will determine which students are eligible to receive an invitation to apply.
  3. Each state will provide the NAfME Staff and the ANHE General Chair a ranking (by instrument and/or voice part) of their students who have applied. These rankings must be followed during the selection process (i.e.: the selection committee cannot select a 3rd ranked clarinet from MA over the 1st ranked clarinet from MA.). If All-State rankings are not available as the primary ranking criteria, the state MEA may use students’ audition media to determine rank.
  4. Each student applicant will submit an audition to be used for part assignments and/or to fill any seats that are vacant due to a lack of applications from a particular state. The auditions will not supersede the state quotas or the state rankings.
  5. All woodwinds, brass, and percussion applications are considered for both band and orchestra. Harp and Piano auditions may be considered for band and/or orchestra based upon repertoire requirements.