NAfME All-National Honor Ensembles – Past Years


Concert Band, conducted by Travis Cross

Symphony Orchestra, conducted by LaSaundra Booth

Mixed Choir, conducted by Geoffrey Boers with choral accompanist Amy Boers

Jazz Ensemble, conducted by Todd Stoll with guest soloist Cécile McLorin Salvant

Guitar Ensemble, conducted by Olga Amelkina-Vera

Modern Band, conducted by Spencer Hale

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Where are the 2021 All-National Honor Ensemble final concert videos?

In order to share the 2021 All-National Honor Ensemble final concert videos online, NAfME is required by law to first secure the synchronization licenses for each of the pieces. This has been an ongoing process since the repertoire was first selected in 2021, as staff have been trying to contact the copyright holders for permissions. The videos for which licensing has been secured can be viewed on the NAfME YouTube channel. While we originally wanted to release all of the videos together, we realize that students and their directors and families have been anxiously awaiting these videos. We are doing all we can to secure the remaining permissions as quickly as possible. We greatly appreciate your patience, and apologize for the inconvenience.



Concert Band, conducted by Rodney Dorsey

Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Nobuyoshi Yasuda

Mixed Choir, conducted by Frances Fonza with choral accompanist Lisa Powell

Jazz Ensemble, conducted by Todd Stoll with guest soloist Terell Stafford

Guitar Ensemble, conducted by Chuck Hulihan

Modern Band, conducted by Tony Sauza and Mary Claxton

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Concert Band, conducted by Emily Threinen

Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Soo Han

Mixed Choir, conducted by Tesfa Wondemagegnehu with choral accompanist Edward Rothmel

Jazz Ensemble, conducted by Todd Stoll with guest soloist Camille Thurman

Guitar Ensemble, conducted by Bill Swick

Modern Band, conducted by Scott Burstein

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Jazz Ensemble, conducted by Todd Stoll with guest soloist Pharez Whitted

Mixed Choir, conducted by Dr. Amanda Quist

Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Dr. Jean Montès with guest artist Jean Jeoboham Pierre

Concert Band, conducted by Dennis Glocke

Guitar Ensemble, conducted by Dr. Michael Quantz



Concert Band, conducted by Dr. T. André Feagin

Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Dr. Margery Deutsch

Mixed Choir, conducted by Dr. Z. Randall Stroope

Jazz Ensemble, conducted by Todd Stoll with guest artist Lauren Sevian



Concert Band, conducted by Dr. Paula Crider

Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Dr. William LaRue Jones

Mixed Choir, conducted by Dr. Anton Armstrong

Jazz Ensemble, conducted by Todd Stoll with guest conductor and soloist Chris Crenshaw



Concert Band, conducted by Eugene Corporon

Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Jung-Ho Pak

Mixed Choir, conducted by Dr. Ann Howard Jones 

Jazz Ensemble, conducted by Sherman Irby and Todd Stoll 



Concert Band, conducted by Mark Camphouse

Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Gerard Schwarz 

Mixed Choir, conducted by Edith Copley 

Jazz Ensemble, conducted by Robert Baca  



Concert Band, conducted by Peter Boonshaft 

Mixed Choir, conducted by Rollo Dilworth

Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Miriam Burns 

Jazz Ensemble, conducted by Rodney Whitaker 

2013 All-National Honor Ensembles Student Rosters



Concert Band, conducted by Daniel Bukvich

Symphony Orchestra, conducted by David Becker

Mixed Choir, conducted by Sandra Snow

Jazz Ensemble, conducted by Terrell Stafford 

2012 All-National Honor Ensembles Students Rosters