Past ANHE Performances

“I had an extremely transformational experience that has made me a better man than I was going into NAfME All-Nationals. I sincerely feel like my purpose in life has been rejuvenated.”
—Noah G. 2016 All-National Honor Ensemble Student.

“The skill and level of difficulty surpasses every choir I’ve been in my life. This was more than just singing, I made so many friends and I felt like we knew each other our whole lives,  all in just four days. I’ve learned valuable lessons because of what you allow high school kids like me to come together in song.”
—Nathan W. 2016 All-National Honor Ensemble Student.

“I came back to my choir this week with a reinvigorated sense of purpose…I believe everyone should be inspired to achieve the excellence that was encouraged.”
—Julia C. 2016 All-National Honor Ensemble Student.

Video and Audio clips courtesy of Soundwaves Recording