2020 NAfME Student Composers Competition

About the Competition

NAfME is seeking original music by student composers for featured performance at the 2022 NAfME All-National Honor Ensembles event. Teachers and students are invited to submit original student compositions for Symphonic Orchestra or Reed Quintet. Cash prizes will be awarded to winners and honorable mentions.

Students in elementary school, secondary school, college, and graduate school are eligible to submit compositions. Compositions submitted that fall outside of the orchestral or chamber instrumentation guidelines will be adjudicated but will not be eligible for awards or for performance.  

Up to ten selected composers will receive cash awards, thanks to the generous support of the European American Musical Alliance (Dr. Philip Lasser, president). All entrants will receive written evaluations of their compositions.

All entrants will receive written evaluations of their compositions.

How to Apply

Read the 2020 Rules and Entry Directions for the 2020 Student Composition Competition. Complete the Student Acknowledgement Form and upload with your application.

2020 Student Composition Winners:



Gianna Reed of Hartly, Delaware 
for the piece, When Spring Comes

  • Teacher, Blayne Salerni
  • School, Providence Creek Academy

Honorable Mention

Jackson Laird of Columbus, Georgia
for the piece, Jig

  • Teacher, Samuel Brown
  • School, Rainey McCullers School of the Arts

Jasper Zimmerman of Hastings-on-Hudson, New York
for the piece, Swing State

  • Teacher, Jonathan Riss
  • School, Farragut Middle School

High School


Noah Stein of Guilford, Connecticut
for the piece, Riparian Reeds

  • Teacher, Robert Smith
  • School, Hopkins School

Thomas Edgar of West Chicago, Illinois
for the piece, Spring Awakens

  • Teacher, James Kull
  • School, St. Charles East High School

Honorable Mention

Anthony Nemeth of Croydon, Pennsylvania
for the piece, Trichotomy

  • Teacher, Keith  Krelove
  • School, Harry S. Truman High School

Jacob Evarts of Locust Grove, Georgia
for the piece, Legend

  • Teacher, Heather Miller
  • School, Locust Grove High School

Krishna Mandal of Benicia, California
for the piece, Pacific Voyage

  • Teacher, Patrick Martin
  • School, Benicia High School

Stephen Guerra of SI, New York
for the piece, Restlessness

  • Teacher, Joseph Loposky
  • School, Xaverian High School



James Probst of Lawrence, Kansas
for the piece, Under the Twinkling Sky

  • School, Kansas State University

Honorable Mention

Noah Green of Granville, Ohio
for the piece, Watercolors

  • School, Ohio Wesleyan University

Rishubh Thaper of Flemington, New Jersey
for the piece, City Vibes

  • School, Stanford University

Rishubh Thaper of Flemington, New Jersey
for the piece, Nachtmusik

  • School, Stanford University


*Previously published works are not eligible for submission in the competition.

*Submission implies permission for NAfME to perform and record all selected works.