The latest breakthrough advancement in technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), has the potential to significantly transform the landscape of music education. As new technology becomes integrated into school systems, it’s important for educators to understand the potential impact for their students and their classrooms. NAfME will continue monitoring developments in AI technology and provide our members with the latest information on AI policy, regulation, and its application for teaching and creating music.

Share Your Input in This Brief Questionnaire

NAfME wants to hear from you about Artificial Intelligence (AI) in music education! In what ways are you using AI, or thinking about using it? What questions do you have about AI and music education? Share your input.

Types of AI 

  • Artificial Intelligence: General term for a digital computer or computer-controlled robot with the ability to perform tasks commonly associated with intelligent beings. 
  • Generative Artificial Intelligence: A subset of AI systems designed to generate new content, such as text, images, or music.  


National Association for Music Education 

White House 

U.S. Department of Education 

Human Artistry Campaign 

The Institute for Ethical AI in Education 




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