Results of the 2018 NAfME Elections

Results of the 2018 NAfME Elections 

Members of the National Association for Music Education: We are pleased to announce the officers you have elected.


The following are the 2018-20 National President-Elect; North Central Division President-Elect; Southern Division President-Elect; and Western Division President-Elect.

National President-Elect, 2018-20:

Mackie Spradley

Mackie V. Spradley, elected as incoming NAfME President-Elect.

Mackie V. Spradley is Immediate Past President of the Texas NAfME chapter and serves as the Director of Enrichment Education for the Texas Education Agency, which provides statewide leadership over all enrichment subjects. Dr. Spradley is also a facilitator for the Teacher Retention Area for Strategic Planning and Action within the Society of Music Teacher Education (SMTE).

“For a moment, I’d like you to think back to when you first fell in love with music,” she says. “The contributions of others lifted us; and we consciously chose to work in the field of music education because we love it. My vision is that we follow the legacy of those that have come before us. But the question is – how do we build our capacity to follow the legacy and reach every student? How do we build our capacity to be flexible, and learn to teach different kinds of music, with the intent of giving more students access? What will this require of us as leaders? I believe all of us play a role and have a responsibility to affect change.” Read more about Dr. Spradley here.

North Central Division President-Elect:


Photo courtesy of Dr. Karen Salvador

Karen Salvador, elected as incoming North Central Division President-Elect.

Karen Salvador is an associate professor of music education at the University of Michigan-Flint. Dr. Salvador’s research pertains to inclusion, equity, and justice in music education, examining the intersections of instructional practices, policy, and music teacher education. She is past facilitator of the Society for Music Teacher Education’s Area for Strategic Planning and Action on Cultural Diversity and Social Justice, and currently serves as President of the Michigan Music Education Association.

“I believe the meaning and value of music education arise from the experience of musicing,” she says, “from communication among those making music and/or with listeners, and perhaps most importantly, from music’s capacity to integrate the body, rational mind, and emotional/spiritual self.” Read more about Dr. Salvador here.

Southern Division President-Elect:


Photo courtesy of Mrs. Sonja Williams

Sonja Williams, elected as incoming Southern Division President-Elect.

Sonja Zonetta McLean Williams has more than 29 years of collegiate and intermediate school teaching experience. Mrs. Williams was named Teacher of the Year three times, and has held many leadership positions within the North Carolina Music Educators Association (NCMEA), including Middle School Choral Section Member-at-Large, Chair-Elect, Chair, and currently an Adjudicator. She has served on the Board of Directors as Member-at-Large and Scholarship Chair. Mrs. Williams is also a Past President of NCMEA.

“As the National Association for Music Education, we can provide resources at the state and national level to facilitate the initiative to create student-centered classrooms,” she said. “This would give the students more ownership in their musical development. Students would also [then] bring their diverse cultures into the classroom to share with others.” Read more about Mrs. Williams here.

Western Division President-Elect:

Photo courtesy of Ms. Renee Shane-Boyd

Renee Shane-Boyd, elected as incoming Western Division President-Elect

Renee Shane-Boyd served as the Arizona Music Educators Association’s (AMEA) President from 2013-2015. A teacher in Catalina Foothills School District for 35 years, she is currently Director of Bands at Catalina Foothills High School. Honors include the OM Hartsell Excellence in Music Education Award, University of Arizona Honored Educator, 2009 CFSD Teacher of the Year Award, AMEA Longevity in Teaching Award, and in 2015, the Rotary International named her a Paul Harris Fellow for outstanding contributions to the community.

“Division and national officers attending state conferences provides a vital connection with local music teachers,” she says. “These leaders playing a meaningful role in the conference whether through presenting sessions or speaking about key issues helps create an awareness of the work of the national organization.” Read more about Ms. Shane-Boyd here.

These newly elected officers will begin serving June 22nd, 2018.


The following proposed bylaw revision was accepted:

Proposed Amendment to Bylaw III—Government, Sections 3 and 6:

Currently, the three NAfME divisions with the largest membership (active and retired members) each have two board representatives: the current division president and the immediate past president. Each of the three smallest divisions is represented by the current division president, and only one of the three past presidents serves on the National Executive Board at any one time. The board has recommended that all division immediate past presidents serve two years on the National Executive Board.